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Can you spot whats hidden inside this red circle?


The red circle is baffling the internet

Think your eye can match that of an eagle? think again, as the internet is going nuts over a particular red circle that seems completely normal until you look carefully.

An optical illusion is perplexing people on the internet as most of them can’t see the hidden image within the red dot.
The test is just the latest in a string of popular brain teasers sweeping the net. The sight test is currently trending online with many users baffled by what the mysterious picture actually is. While for some of them directly see the hidden image, some are left completely clueless. If this optical illusion has left you scratching your heads, then here’s the catch. If you flip the image in the right direction, you can clearly see a detailed sketch of a horse with tail and grass around its feet.
If you are struggling to spot the horse, it’s high time for you to work on your eye-sight.

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