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Nagar Nigam has decided to start fogging in the city from March 15

In a bid to prepare for the monsoons, Nagar Nigamhas decided to start fogging in the city from March 15, which is earlier than usual. This was decided after dengue outbreak last year when over 1,000 cases were reported in Dehradun itself. Nigam officials claimed that they will be concentrating on areas like Pathribagh, Kargi and few others which saw maximum cases of dengue last year.

Currently Nigam has 60 portable machines of 10kv and 15 kv which can be used in the wards apart from 6 machines 30kv. Gunjal elaborating on the arrangements said, “We will form teams of sanitation workers who will carry out fogging in all the wards. Also we are looking at purchasing a higher capacity machine of around 160kv which will be used on main roads and market areas. Nigam has adequate machines to ensure that fogging is done across the city. This exercise will be continued for the next few months.”

“This year we are trying to strategize the whole exercise which would help us in dealing with the various diseases which are common during the rainy season. Last year a large number of cases were reported of dengue and we want to avoid that situation this time. As the summer is approaching, the mosquito population would also increase so starting fogging early will help us in ensuring that epidemics like dengue, chikangunya are averted,” said

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